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Our vision is to preach the Word of God to all nations.
*To do the work of the five fold ministry.
*To equip preachers, leaders and prophets for this last day revival.
*To strengthen believers in the Word of God.
We want to encourage the body to come in line with Godís divine order.
To be doerís of the Word not hearers only.
To study to show themselves approved, a workman rightly dividing the Word of Truth.
We believe God for a new building, which will accommodate the growth of our church.
A facility which can accommodate the church house, youth ministry, elderly ministry and training centre.
To establish a training centre that will equip the saints of God in all areas of life spiritually, physically and mentally.

Statement of Faith

1.We believe in one triune God, the Father, Son (Jesus Christ) and Holy Spirit. Col. 2:9.
2.Repentance and justification by faith in the atonement and baptism by immersion in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for remission of sins. Acts 13:2-3; 2 Tim. 1:6.
3.Baptism of the Holy Spirit with speaking in tongues, as the Spirit gave utterance. Acts 2:4.
4.We believe in the five gift ministries, with the nine gifts of the Spirit. Eph. 4:8,11; 1Cor 12:1-31.
5.And going unto perfection. Heb. 6:1.
6.Divine healing is provided for all in the atonement.
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